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My obsession with both film and music started as a young child. My father had cameras and instruments laying around and all 4 of us kids were constantly making movies and making up songs. As a teenager, I started to get more technical and began splicing cords and figuring out how to wire up my own edit bay from portable tv/vcrs. I would make my own greatest hits compilations from skate videos and replace all the music. In high school, I helped run the morning news and managed the live green screen. The obsession was real and has never left. 


For years I've directed, edited, shot, scored, and graded all kinds of productions, large and small. But as time went on, my obsession narrowed to the final stages, namely the color. I wanted to know how to make the reds richer, the blacks thicker, the skin healthier, the grain more subtle. I wanted to make images look like the auteurs I grew up on, Tarantino, PTA, Gondry, Jonze, and Fincher. I knew there was more I could do and down the rabbit hole of color I went.


Currently, I am working with a handful of key clients and close friends to craft collaborative grades that fit our collective vision. I tend to chase the celluloid look and feel, but I'm also fascinated by all things modern and cutting-edge. Let's make it pretty.

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